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Wearable Happiness!

Glitter Girl moves into the Super Sparkly fashion world

Glitter Girl is joyful brand for sparkle lovers around the world. Founded and Designed by 10 year old Girl Boss in 2017. Glitter Girl is environmentally aware & born to shine. Our ethical products are created to bring happiness, inspire confidence and spark joy in our precious customers.


Glitter Girl, the brand, was born in the sparkling waters of Ohau Hawaii in 2016 when a little 9-year-old Aussie girl with a love of all things sparkly dared to dream up a brand that was truly inspiring and magical.

With the goal of sparking joy, providing inspiration and encouraging creativity while being environmentally mindful, Glitter Girl created a range of ethically sourced and eco friendly make-up and glitter products for all sparkle lovers.

In a few short years, with the help of her family, the Glitter Girl brand has blossomed into a multi-faceted business supplying loose eco glitter, vegan and cruelty free make-up and sparkly accessories to customers all around the world and more than 60 retail stockists across Australia and New Zealand.

With a growing GRL PWR fan base known as the #GlitterGirlTribe, Glitter Girl is well and truly achieving her dream of sharing happiness one speck of sparkle at a time.

but wait, there’s more….

Make a wish & put on your Glitter. With an open mind & positive spirit, life is truly magical. Wear your glitter as a reminder to be extraordinary. Glitter Girl

Moving into the sparkly fashion world.

Ever since she was born, Glitter Girl has been obsessed with colourful and sparkly clothing. Her Mother, Megan Rizzo, used to buy vintage pageant costumes for her to dress up in, but they soon became her daily staples as she wore the ensembles to the supermarket, dance class and playgroups, complete with feather headbands and sequinned armbands. After play dates with friends at the age of 4 and 5 years old Glitter Girl would state perplexed “Mum, they don’t have a dress up room in their house”

Fast forward to 2020 with a lack of cute, girly, pretty & most of all pink options in retail stores to suit active young girls, it was not long before clever Glitter Mumma (Megan), whilst recovering from breast cancer, began making bespoke, super sparkly sequin outfits that not only looked beautiful, but were practical, comfortable, and modest. 

“Mum, don’t they know that every time a child wears all black clothing, a Unicorn dies?!”

For years, when Glitter Girl was out and about in her eye-catching designs, Mum’s, Dad’s, Aunties and Nanna’s would always ask where she bought her fabulous outfits which, of course, sparked another dream……a fun and fabulous, super pink and sparkly GG Clothing range!

The GG ‘Wearable Happiness’ Clothing range comes to life

The GG ‘Wearable Happiness’ Clothing range has been designed by Glitter Girl herself for other young girls who were born to sparkle.

Each item has been created with oodles of fun and sparkle but none of the itchy, skimpy, restrictive or high care maintenance usually associated with sequinned clothing. 

The hems, skirts and necklines have also been carefully cut to provide generous coverage allowing little girls to keep active doing all the things they love without worrying about a potential wardrobe ‘malfunction’.

This energetic, creative, uplifting and joyful clothing range is for every little girl who dares to dream, just like Glitter Girl!

As with all her products, Glitter Girl only works with factory partners that uphold sustainable and ethical practices and have globally recognised certifications to ensure GG products are made with respect for the environment and in ethical working conditions.

We employed local Queensland artist Elise Gow to design the T-shirt slogans and Glitter Girl has tried on many, many, many versions of all of the individual items to make sure they are just perfect.

Launched July 19 2021 here on the Gold Coast at GGHQ with a Fabulously Sparkly Fashion parade.

Wearable Happiness!

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This energetic, creative, uplifting and joyful clothing range is for every little girl who dares to dream, just like Glitter Girl.



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The Glitter Girl Mission


To spark joy, provide inspiration, encourage creativity and empower young girls to live their best life while being environmentally mindful.

Glitter Girl provides loose glitter, playful makeup, glittery accessories and sparkly fun fashion that is eco friendly, ethical and cruelty free.

She spreads happiness wherever she goes and encourages her #GlitterGirlTibe to be creative, supportive & most of all kind. She is loved by her loyal followers and was the star at the Gold Coasts’ very first Unicorn Festival with people lining up for over 2 hours to have her add some sparkle to their lives.


Share Glitter Girls' vision in “Spreading Happiness, one Speck of Glitter at a time.”

Our followers are a fierce tribe that have an intense love of Glitter. They adore the Unicorn Glitter, harvested with the utmost care and comes in many wonderful mixes and colour. Become part of the Glitter Girl Tribe & Tag us in your socials for a Repost.

Glitter Girl Inspirations

Learn more about applying our glitters and other products. Head over to our Instagram page for many ideas and loads of fun sparkly inspiration.


Would you like your local Hairdresser, Beauty store or Dance Performance club to stock the Glitter Girl Brand? Make sure you tell them about us.

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