About Glitter Girl

Glitter Makeup, Loose Glitter, Glitter Accessories & Sparkly Fun Fashion for all Glitter Lovers.

Glitter Girl was founded in 2017 by girl boss, Sophia Rizzo when she was just 10 years old for all glitter lovers with the goal of sparking joy, providing inspiration, empowering and encouraging creativity through ethical products.

In a few short years, the Glitter Girl brand has blossomed into a multi-faceted business supplying a large range of Eco Friendly, Vegan, Cruelty Free products.

Seriously fun makeup, fashion & accessories for fairy followers, drag diva’s, festival lovers & twinkle teens around the world who are environmentally aware and born to shine.  

How It All Began

First of all let’s tell you a little about our business, whilst floating in the sparkling blue waters of Ohau Hawaii in 2016, a little 9-year-old Aussie girl with big dreams, came up with the concept of a brand that was magical.

A store that sold everything for people all around the world who adore all things Makeup, Glitter & Sparkles.

Little did we know this teeny tiny idea in her mind would be launched online in August of 2017 and go Ka-boom!

From this point on Glitter Girl has grown into a multi-faceted brand of loose eco glitter, vegan & cruelty free glitter makeup, fun fashion & sparkly accessories, supplying to companies & customers all around the world.

Meet Glitter Girl!

This Kidpreneur is GLITTER GIRL.

She is the Founder, Developer & Princess of the Unicorns.

Sophia (Glitter Girl) spreads happiness wherever she goes & encourages her followers to be creative, supportive & most of all, kind.

She is loved by her loyal followers and was the star at the Gold Coasts’ very first Unicorn Festival in 2018, at age 11, with fans lining up for over 2 hours to have her add some sparkle to their lives.

Sophia: My Dream would be for everyone in the whole wide world to wear my beautiful soft glitter & sparkly fashion every single day, because Glitter makes everyone happy!

Make a wish & put on your Glitter. With an open mind & positive spirit, life is truly magical. Wear your glitter as a reminder to be extraordinary. Glitter Girl

Multi nominated & Award Winning!

“It was an amazing surprise to receive this award, especially given the number of successful and driven women doing truly wonderful things here on the Gold Coast. They are my inspiration, so I am humbled and blessed to have been included in this award category alongside them.“  Glitter Girl, Sophia Rizzo. Age 14.

Wearable Happiness!

Glitter Girl moved into the Super Sparkly Fashion World In 2021

Less than four years after starting her own the hugely successful eco-friendly glitter and accessory range, Glitter Girl, one of Queensland’s youngest entrepreneurs 14-year-old Sophia Rizzo is taking the fashion world by storm launching a ‘wearable happiness’ clothing range.

Spark joy, provide inspiration, encourage creativity and empower young girls to live their best life while being environmentally mindful.

Glitter Girl provides loose glitter, playful makeup, glittery accessories and sparkly fun fashion that is eco friendly, ethical and cruelty free.

She spreads happiness wherever she goes and encourages her followers to be creative, supportive & most of all kind.

Share Glitter Girls' vision in “Spreading Happiness, one Speck of Glitter at a time."

Our followers are a fierce tribe that have an intense love of Glitter. They adore the Unicorn Glitter, harvested with the utmost care and comes in many wonderful mixes and colour. Become part of the Glitter Girl Tribe & Tag us in your socials for a Repost. @glittergirl.au

Glitter Girl Inspiration

Learn more about applying our glitters and other products. Head over to our Instagram for many ideas and loads of fun sparkly inspiration.


Would you like your local Hairdresser, Beauty store or Dance school to stock the Glitter Girl Brand? Make sure you tell them about us.

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