Glitter Girl make Jacaranda Jill Sparkle again at Grafton Jacaranda Festival

Glitter Girl makes Jacaranda Jill sparkle again for the Grafton Jacaranda Festival

By Glitter Girl

Back in 2019 we were saddened to hear vandals had set fire to Jacaranda Jill’s skirt late one night during the festival events.

The Festival organisers put a call out on their Facebook page asking for donations to help to rebuild Jaca Jill back to her former glory.

Here at Glitter girl, we jumped at the chance and added a quick comment of “If you need any glitter, please let us know”

12 months down the track and we are so please to let all of our followers know, we will be supplying all of the glitter needed to make Jacaranda Jill Sparkle once again.

Originally from the Opening ceremony at the Sydney Olympics back in 2000 designed by Brian Thomson where he designed 17 Cupie Dolls.

See where they are now – Click HERE

Watch on PRIME7 News North Coast tonight to see an amazing feature on Jacaranda Jill.
Massive thank you to Brennan Elks and the team at Caringa Australia, our wonderful dress maker volunteers, Judy Hackett & Michelle Vidler and Claire & Michael from Prime7 for making this happen 🤩

It’s been a long road to get the Jacaranda Festival’s iconic “Jacaranda Jill” kewpie doll back to life, but with the help of a range of volunteers, including an enterprising 13-year-old, she’s getting ready to sparkle again.

The rebuilding of the doll was necessary, after she was set on fire in her debut year in 2019, the story reaching all the way to the Gold Coast to then 10-year-old Sophia Rizzo.

Sophia had already made waves in the world, creating her own company Glitter Girl at the age of 9, and saw the sad story of the burnt doll on Facebook.

“We’ve got friends in Grafton, and we always come down to the races, and we saw the story of how it was burned,” Sophia’s mum and now one of five Glitter Girl employees Megan Rizzo said.

“We just put a comment up that if they needed any help get in touch.”


“We’re excited to see her celebrate a phenomenal 21st Birthday in Market Square this year during the festival.”



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