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Sophia Rizzo Eco Glitter

Eco Friendly, Cosmetic quality, Vegan friendly, Cruelty free, 40% softer than plastic glitter so it feels better on the skin, Recyclable packaging,

All sparkle. Zero guilt.

We are super duper excited to share our cute new packaging with you all and share that it is all 100% recyclable. 

A little update from the Magical Unicorns here at Glitter Girl. As you know we sell Eco Glitter which is made from plants and not plastic, but we also do many things behind the scenes which ensure we leave a very light Unicorn footprint on the environment in our business.

We design, package & market everything in house. This means we are able to control every waste and recycling aspect of our business every step of the way. By managing our full production process, we have more control over what impact our business has on the environment. 

At all possible opportunities we work with products that can be recycled or made from sustainable growth forests. 

Our containers and products are not single use. They are little gifts that are treasured by the unicorns that own them. Glitter tubs can be returned to GGHQ to be sanitised and reused for more sparkly unicorns.

All of our packaging is either recycled or recyclable and any rubbish produced by our business is taken to the local recycling centre just over the hill each month. We are committed to reduce/reuse/recycle. 

We want to you to know that every product developed by Glitter Girl is made, packaged and distributed with the minimal amount of impact on the environment. We care about the future of our world.

You can purchase from us knowing that our Unicorns are doing our absolute best to be a company that brings you products that make your soul sparkle, and doesn’t leave a trail of environmental darkness in its wake.

All about PLA & CPLA – compostable bioplastics made from plant starches

Our Glitter products are made from plant-based film polylactide cellulose.


PLA is a compostable bioplastic derived from plant sugars. PLA stands for polylactic acid. It can be made from any sugar.

The material is derived from the fibers of a biodegradable and bioactive thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable biomass, typically from fermented plant starch such as from corn, cassava, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp. #YaySaytheUnicorns


How PLA is made

Corn plants are milled to extract the starch, in the form of glucose. The glucose is then fermented to produce lactic acid. Next up, a chemical process transforms the lactic acid into a polymer, which can be made into pellets, known in the industry as resin.


Just like a conventional plastic resin, the PLA pellets can be used in a variety of ways – extruded into a sheet or film, injection moulded, cast into sheets, or spun into fibres. PLA has a huge range of applications, but at Glitter Girl we use it for our Glitters which is rolled into large sheets and stamped into our finely cut and chunky glitter shapes.

Most commonly available glitters are made with a Plastic film. Once it is disposed of, traditional glitter leaves behind teeny-tiny pieces of plastic (a.k.a. microplastic!) in the ecosystem forever. #NeiggghhhhsaytheUnicorns


Almost anything can now be made with Biodegradable Plastics, such as: Chip Bags, Beach Toys, Backpacks, Computer bags, socks, shampoo bottles, 3D & sunglass frames, Pens, shopping bags & even the moulding on cars, and of course all shapes and sizes of Glitter! Super duper amazing that so many things can be moulded and made with Biodegradable “Plastics”.

The time it takes products to biodegrade can vary greatly (from months to years), depending on the environmental conditions you are in. It will vary depending on different factors, like whether you’re swimming in the ocean or dancing in the desert, whether you apply it with an organic oil base or a dry brush, and how humid the climate is in your geographic location.

In general, degradation requires four things: heat, water, oxygen and microorganisms. The more of those four things that are present in the environment, the faster the glitter will degrade.

Polylactic acid can biodegrade in under 12 weeks in commercial composting, which provides the perfect balance of microbes, moisture and warmth.

There are dozens of factors that will determine the speed of degradation. For example, in the ocean, currents, temperature and types of algae present will all impact the rate at which it breaks down. Generally speaking, it will degrade in the ocean faster than in the desert!

No. Our Glitter Girl products are very stable. It is a good idea to keep your glitter mixes cool and dry and clean. The best way to apply it is to use a makeup brush to keep the container free of bacteria that could be transferred from your skin. Unless the container gets moisture and microorganisms inside, the glitter will not degrade in the package.

Did you know that the process of biodegradable glitter breaking down is actually facilitated by microbes that ‘eat’ it? That means, without these microbes, eco glitter won’t break down. While direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, or water exposure can affect the quality of the glitter, they won’t start the degradation process.

Look at a fallen tree is the forest. It takes decades to fully decompose.

So, know that by choosing eco glitter, you can add some sparkle to your life while being kind to the planet!

Same process, different breakdown speeds.Biodegradable tells us nothing about timescales

– for example, wood is biodegradable, but a log cabin can stand for generations.

Compostable means that packaging can break down in under 12 weeks in composting conditions, and is therefore suitable for industrial composting.

Biodegradable also means “‘to break down”, but it must decompose into natural elements like carbon dioxide and water vapour, with the help of organisms like bacteria and fungi. The timeframe for biodegradable plastic to break down is between three to six months, far quicker than regular degradable plastics. However, the biodegradation process depends on various factors.

Yes. Glitter Girl products are cosmetic grade so they are made with the kind of manufacturing quality and cleanliness standards expected for something you put on your skin.

Be a street savvy, conscious glitter buyer! Know that other face and body glitter brands may sell products containing craft (Plastic)  glitter. It’s not a great idea to put craft glitter near your eyes.

Even cosmetic glitter can become an irritant and scratch up your corneas if it gets in your eyes, which can be painful. By using cosmetic-grade glitter you are reducing this risk, but you cannot totally eliminate it.

When applying glitter to your face, keep it above the eyebrow and along the cheekbone for the smallest risk of getting it in your eyes. If you feel something scratchy in your eyes –DON’T RUB. Use eye drops and irrigate the eye to rinse it out. If the irritation persists, go see your ophthalmologist.

Glitter Girl products are safe for your face because they contain cosmetic grade glitter.

Cosmetic grade glitter is higher quality, and manufactured with stricter standards for cleanliness, than craft glitter.

Craft glitter, on the other hand, can be made from materials such as glass or metal which can be harsh on the skin.

Our Eco Glitters are also 40% softer than traditional plastic glitter, so it feels better for your face. Of course, you can still use our glitter for eco-conscious crafting! the more sparkle the better, right?!

The risks of using non-cosmetic Eco glitter on your skin are not worth the cheaper price. Don’t be fooled by the generally cheaper priced craft glitters! Not all glitter is created equal.

Dab some oil or oil-based makeup remover on a cotton round or tissue to remove glitter.When removing glitter from your face, swipe out and away from your eyes. Use a fresh side, or fresh cotton round, for each swipe until the glitter is gone. If you have glitter stuck between your eyelashes, use a Q-tip dipped in oil or remover to get rid of it.

We also have a secret tip of dabbing Blu Tack onto any tiny specs still remaining. Works like Magic!

To maximize the shelf life of your glitter it is a good idea to keep your glitter mixes cool and dry and clean.The best way to apply it is to use a makeup brush instead of using your hands to keep the container free of bacteria that could be transferred from your skin.You can keep it for at least two years this way.

You can purchase from us knowing that our Unicorns are doing our absolute best to be a company that brings you products that make your soul sparkle, and doesn’t leave a trail of environmental darkness in its wake.

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