The Glitter Girl Easter Collection

The Glitter Girl Easter Collection

Hide Glitter, Not Chocolate this Easter!


Easter 1st April 2018

Imagine waking up Easter morning to a Garden full of glittery goodness!

Or a trail of Glitter to follow with little bunny footprints to a Chocy egg Gold mine!

Our GG Unicorns have you covered with their limited addition Easter Collection.

In the collection you receive 6 custom mixed Glitters:

  • Velveteen Rabbit (pink mix)
  • Cotton Tail (Green mix)
  • Baby Bird (yellow mix)
  • Candy Apple
  • Purple Candy
  • Ice Queen



Have Fun With GG!

Click the images below to watch her messy Tutorial


Glitter Girl tutorial Bunny Ears craft




Follow our Glitter Girls DIY Easter YouTube Tutorials 



We are proudly an Indie Australian family business driven by the idea’s of our ultimate Glitter Girl. 

Our business ideal is to “Spread happiness, one speck of glitter at a time”


We sell Hypo allergenic, cosmetic grade, biodegradable, cruelty free Glitter Makeup, Biodegradable, Vegan loose Glitter, Glitter filled Accessories and novelty gift ideas for you and your friends.

Harvested from our magical stable of thoroughbred Unicorns, with the utmost care.


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GG loves you & you were born to sparkle.




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