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Choose Plant Fibre Lashes for lashes that speak volumes in more ways than one!

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Introducing Our Eco-Friendly Plant Fibre Lashes!

Crafted from plant fibre making them super fluffy, these lashes are biodegradable with sugarcane pulp lash trays and eco-friendly packaging. Elevate your lash game guilt-free, as our lashes are both eco-conscious and, as always, free from animal cruelty.

Bundle and save with Lash Glue, Lash Applicator tool & a free Spoolie.

Unveil a new era of beauty where glamour meets eco-consciousness.

Experience the beauty of sustainability with our Plant Fibre Lashes, offering an eco-conscious choice for lash enthusiasts.

Lash Application Instructions

Gently remove the lash from the tray. As the pulp tray is fibrous it may stick to the lash band.

Use GG Lash Tweezers to gently remove.

Measure the lash to your eye. Trim with scissors from the outside as required.

Apply a thin layer of adhesive along the lash band & wait for it to get tacky.

Using GG Lash Tweezers, place the strip lash as close to your natural lash line as possible, starting from the centre pressing the ends down.

Use Lash Tweezers or your fingertips to gently press and secure the strip lash along the entire lash line, making sure it adheres properly.

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