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GG Gingerbread Girl Christmas Decoration

Christmas Tree Decoration

Twinkling Star Christmas Decoration

Sparkling Star Christmas Decoration

Shooting Star Christmas Decoration

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Illuminate your Christmas tree with a touch of celestial magic by adding all of our 5  ornaments to your holiday decor and save $$. This delightful bundle of ornament offers 5 shimmering charms that are perfect for creating a wishful ambiance.   Hang them up and enjoy the enchanting sight as they safely cradles a 10-gram pot of our eco glitter, adding a dash of eco-friendly sparkle to your tree. It’s like capturing a comet’s trail right on your Christmas tree!   Available in mesmerising glitter colours. Choose your selection and make your holiday season even more enchanting. Catch your own “shooting star” and let your Christmas tree shine with celestial beauty!

Glitter Makeup, Loose Glitter, Glitter Accessories & Sparkly Fun Fashion For All Glitter Lovers.

Glitter Girl was founded in 2017 by #Girlboss, Sophia Rizzo when she was just 10 years old for all glitter lovers with the goal of sparking joy, providing inspiration, empowering and encouraging creativity through ethical products.


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