GG Celebrates International Tiara Day this Friday 22nd May!

You! Yes you girl! You are a Queen. Or a Princess. Or a Duchess.

You are royalty, each and every one of you, and you deserve to feel like it. No matter what walk of life you come from or what your background is, you definitely deserve to feel like a member of full-fledged nobility, at least for one day of the year. International Tiara Day is brought to you to remind you that you don’t need an excuse (though now you have one) to sport a sparkly tiara for the day and go out on the town. This Tiara Day, let your inner princess shine!

Sophia glitter Girl Pink Outfit

Glitter Girl is running a competition to win a super sparkly GG Prize pack. All you need to do is make a Tiara at home from anything you can find. Pipe cleaners, Foil, Zip ties, absolutely anything fun, then decorate it with your favourite GG Glitters! Upload a photo to Instagram and tag to enter.

I will be creating something too!

History of International Tiara Day

It 2005 a special event was created to coincide with Barbara Bellissimo’s Seasons of Success, and organised an event that would encourage women everywhere (we were going to say ‘allow’ but they don’t need permission) to embrace their inner beauty and wear a tiara. Every women deserves to feel special and adored, and after the success of this event it was decided that it would become an annual event each year. It just so happens to also fall on Queen Victoria’s Birthday!

Women are all too often called vain or self-entered when they take a little time to do the things that make them happy. The whole time they’re being told they have to be perfect, if they strive to achieve it they’re told that they’re fake and need to try to be humble. Tiara Day encourages you to throw all that to the side, charge into the world and be proud of who you are, and wear your Tiara loud and proud!

How to celebrate International Tiara Day

Get creative! Make a crown you love and wear it with pride this Friday. Whatever it is, embrace what makes you feel proud, strong, and queenly and flaunt it to the world! Click HERE to watch

Here are just some ideas for you, or checkout our Pinterest Page

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GG loves you & you were born to sparkle.

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