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Amazing Cheer Bows

We chat with the Girls from Amazing Cheer Bows to find out how they became “Just another Cheer Mum …..with a solution” Amazing Cheer Bows How did your business come about?  My (at the time) 9 year old daughter started competitive cheerleading and as per all cheerleaders wanted multiple cheer bows. I am a little bit crafty

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All about Glitter

Everyone has feelings about glitter. Unicorns bathe in the stuff. Six year olds dream about it. It’s essential to Pride parades, a weapon of social disruption and foremost in a pop star’s make-up arsenal. It’s also the stuff of cleaning nightmares. But where does glitter come from? Why does it exist? And how in the

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Glitter Girl ~ Who is She?

Loose Glitter, Glitter Makeup & Glitter Accessories for Glitter Lovers. Whilst floating in the sparkling blue waters of Ohau Hawaii in 2016, a little 9 year old girl with big dreams, came up with the concept of a store that was a magical place. A store that sold everything for people all around the world

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