Aussie Cheer Ponies

We chat with Jo from Aussie Cheer Ponies to find out how she became “Just another Cheer Mum …..with a solution”

Glitter Girl loves aussie cheer ponies
Glitter Girl loves Aussie Cheer Ponies

Glitter Girl has been using her Aussie Cheer pony for almost 2 years now and she absolutely loves it. We thought we’d ask how the idea came about.

“Just like other mums I was sick of the tears and tantrums every single comp day trying to get the girls ponytails teased high enough to look amazing! It was triple the tantrums and screaming with three girls, I HAD to find a solution!

I was never going to afford nor justify real hair ponies and to me they defeated the purpose anyway because I could just continue teasing their own real hair. Hence I hunted around for the most awesome quality synthetic fibre that looked better than human hair, was far more affordable yet far more durable. I designed a pony to never need teasing nor to be consistently maintained like others on the market do. Voila…! Aussie Cheer Pony was born.”

Glitter Girl doesn’t just use her Ponytail for Cheerleading with Megacheer, she also uses it for Glitter Girl Appearances like the Gold Coast Unicorn Festival and promotional photoshoots too. They ponytails can be matched to anyones hair colour and are easy to look after as well. We highly recommend Jo and the Aussie Cheer Ponies. You can find more information at

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Makeup face chart for cheer and dance

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  1. This is an a very helpful blog, as I am a cheer mum. I will definitely look at buying the Aussie cheer ponies and some Glitter Girl makeup for her Cheer club.

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