Amazing Cheer Bows

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We chat with the Girls from Amazing Cheer Bows to find out how they became “Just another Cheer Mum …..with a solution”

amazing cheer bows

Amazing Cheer Bows

How did your business come about? 

My (at the time) 9 year old daughter started competitive cheerleading and as per all cheerleaders wanted multiple cheer bows. I am a little bit crafty so thought I could make them for her. 

Little did I know how much work goes into making these pieces of art that cheerleaders wear as their crowns. 

We practiced until we found the stiffness and shape that we liked and Darling Daughter thought we should sell them. 

amazing cheer bows

So we started our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

My daughter is now 15 and we have been making and perfecting bows and hair pieces for competitive cheerleaders and clubs for 6 years.  

What did you do before? 

Before going full time bow making, I was a paper craft tutor, travelling to the UK, USA and around Australia teaching Scrapbooking and card making on live television programs as TVSN, Create and Craft TV, California Crafting and HSN. 

Amazing Cheer Bows

Thankyou to Madasdancers for the images above.

Amazing Cheer Bows

What makes your business unique? 

I think what makes us unique is that we live the cheer life too. 

We know that our chosen sport is sometimes expensive so we like to make the best quality products at reasonable prices for the amazing athletes that make this sport so great. We take particular care in making all our bows and accessories because we love to create and we love to make cheer athletes feel amazing when they wear them. 

Tell us why you love what you do. 

We love to create!!! We love to work together as a family on design and creativity. 

We adore seeing athletes reaction to our products. 

And we love seeing our creations crowning amazing teams and athletes as they take the floor and give it they’re all for 2 and a half minutes. 

Glitter Girl doesn’t just use her Amazing Cheer Bows for Cheerleading with Megacheer, she also uses it for Glitter Girl Appearances like the Gold Coast Unicorn Festival and promotional photoshoots too. They bows look amazing in anyones hair and are easy to look after as well. We highly recommend the girls behind Amazing Cheer Bows. You can find more information by clicking HERE

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